Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fence is a maintenance free alternative to wrought iron, steel fence, wood fence, and chain link fence. FenceTown aluminum fence panels come from five of the top fence manufacturers and include OnGuard Fence Systems, Specrail fencing , Jerith fence , and Delgard Aero Fence. Aluminum fence is powder coated which will prevent peeling and cracking, and is a high quality alternative to standard paint. Powder coating will keep your fence looking great for many years unlike having to paint an iron or steel fence every so often. All fence panels come in pre-assembled pre-cut heights and widths. You can trim down a fence panel to fit your fence run.

Black aluminum fence is the most popular general purpose fencing, and can be used for security, pet fences, pool fence, residential fencing, and commercial or industrial applications. Aluminum fence is created to have the look of a wrought iron fence without the maintenance and painting requirements. Fence manufacturers like Jerith and Specrail offer a screwless design to their fence styles. Onguard fence panels have screws on one side of the horizontal rails. Jerith fence panels will rack at an angle more than any of the other fence brands. View our Help and Customer Service page for more articles on aluminum fence and related products.

Aluminum Pool Fence

A swimming pool is a wonderful addition to your home and you want to ensure the safety of those you love by installing an aluminum pool fence around it. Most pool codes or boca codes require that pool fence should be at least 48 inches tall, have a bottom horizontal rail that is no more than three inches from the ground. Most pool codes want 45 inches between the two innermost rails so a child can’t get a foothold and pull themselves over. Picket spacing is 3 13/16 to make the less than 4 inch spacing required by pool code.

You will need to comply with your local building codes, BOCA codes, or your homeowner organization pool fence codes. Generally the higher the aluminum pool fence (54″, 57″,60″, or 72″), the more secure it is. All pool code gates need to have self-closing hinges with a magnetic closing latch, so the gate can not be easily left open. The handle to unlatch the gate needs to be at least 54 inches high to prevent children from opening it.

Aluminum Pet Fence

Aluminum pet fence is a great way to keep pets safe in your yard and other animals out. Onguard and Specrail fence panels have the option to have a puppy panel or pet picket welded onto the fence panel before powder coating. Pet panels are not removable as they are welded onto the fence panel. The puppy panel picket spacing is 1 5/8 which is half the amount of standard picket spacing. Jerith pet fence has a flat top fence style with a welded on puppy panel at the bottom. Jerith also has wire fence that will work great as a pet fence. All pet fence brands have double picket fence panel styles. These styles have closer picket spacing taking up all or most of the panel. Gates that match the fence panels also have the option to add the puppy panel to the bottom.

Aluminum Fence Panels

Every fence brand has common fence panel styles or designs. There are flat top fence panels and spear top fence panels that come in different heights. Each brand has a different aspect of their fence from a smooth top rail or a beveled top rail. Some brands have no visible screws on the fence panel while others have screws showing on one side. The style you choose comes down to personal preference, or what purpose you are looking to achieve with your fence.

Spear Top Aluminum Fence

Fence panels with pressed spear tops provide security and the look of a wrought iron or steel fence. This fence style is great for a perimeter fence around a home or business. Spear top fence panels come in a three rail design, and a four rail design on 72 inch tall panels. 57 inches tall spear top panels are made to make most local pool codes. The bottom bar is dropped to provide 45 inches between rails that most pool codes require. The fence panels are powder coated for a maintenance free finish. Fence brands Onguard and Specrail have an option for a puppy panel or pet panel at the bottom. There is also an option to install decorative finials instead of the pressed spear tops. FenceTown fence panels will rack at an angle to follow the slope or hill in your yard. The amount of racking depends on the fence brand. Orders of 5 or more panels will ship assembled to your home or business address.

Alternating Spear Top Fence Panels

This fence panel has alternating pressed spear tops that provide security and are often installed around a home or small business. The alternating pressed spears offer a more decorative design compared to a straight picket top. This fence style is available in a three rail design, and a four rail design on 72 inch tall panels. Fence panels with alternating spear tops at 57 inches tall are made to make most local pool codes. Fence brands Onguard and Specrail have an option for a puppy panel or pet panel at the bottom. There is also an option to install decorative finials instead of the pressed spear tops. FenceTown fence panels will rack at an angle to follow the slope or hill in your yard. The amount of racking depends on the fence brand. Orders of 5 or more panels will ship assembled to your home or business address. All FenceTown fence styles are powder coated for a maintenance free finish.

Two Rail Fence Panels

Two rail aluminum fence panels come in 36 inches or 48 inches tall. This fence style in 48 inches tall is used as a general perimeter fence and pool fence. Two rail styles are used when you want minimal fencing to not obstruct a view, or to make the minimum for pool code. This fence style comes in a powder coated black, bronze, or white finish. Powder coating keeps your fence maintenance free and looking great for many years. Fence brands Jerith and Specrail have a flat squared top rail, while Onguard fence has a beveled edge on their rails. The beveled edge offers decorating and the ability to shed water. Two rail fence panels weigh less than other fence panels. Two rail panels are a great choice for going around a pool if you need to mount on top of cement. You can use stand alone base mounts, or stronger and more sturdy welded base mounts. You will need a 20 inch magnetic latch for two rail style gates to make most pool codes.

Aluminum Fence Panel 2 Rail

Flat Top Three Rail Fence Panels

This three rail flat top fence is one of the most popular styles on FenceTown. Used as a general perimeter fence or to make local pool codes around your home or business. Without spear tops above the top rail, this fence style allows for a more comfortable look and feel. Three rail flat top fence at 54 inches or taller should make most pool codes. At 54 inches tall, the bottom rail is dropped so no pickets extend past it. This allows for the fence panel to have 45 inches between the two innermost rails to make pool code. Panel heights of 36, 42,48, and 60 inches all have the vertical pickets extend past the bottom rail. This style in 72 inches tall has four horizontal rails to make the fence panel stronger. Three rail residential fence panels will rack or follow the slope in your yard, and the amount of racking depends on the brand. Panels are available in black, white, or bronze colors.

Flat Top Three Rail Fence Panel with Pressed Spears

This three rail flat top fence has alternating pressed spear pickets between the top two rails. The pressed spears add a more decorative look than the standard three rail styles. On some brands you have the option of replacing the spear top pickets with decorative finials. This fence panel at 54 inches tall and higher will make most pool codes. Fence panels on FenceTown come in around 72 inch lengths. You can trim them down to fit just about any fence run. The horizontal rails slot into pre-routed holes in the fence posts for a cleaner look. Onguard fence panels have visible screws on one side, where Jerith and Specrail use a screwless design. 54 inch fence styles can be mounted onto a hard surface by choosing the welded on base mount on fence posts. This fence style is powder coated which will keep it looking great for years. You won’t have to paint this fence panel like steel or iron fence.

Aluminum Pet Fence Panels

Aluminum pet fence with a puppy panel or pet panel is available from all FenceTown brands. A fence panel with double the amount of pickets as standard panels is welded on the bottom of the fence before powder coating. Double the pickets at the bottom will keep small pets safe in your yard and other animals out. Since pet panels are welded on, they are not removable and are not sold separately. The brand Jerith offers a flat top three rail pet fence style in two heights with the pet panel at the bottom. The brands Specrail and Onguard have the option to have a pet panel installed on all fence styles except double picket fence panels. You can choose this option on a drop down menu on the fence panel product page. Aluminum residential grade pet fence can support 350 lbs of pressure on the top horizontal rail. You can trim down the pet fence panel to fit your fence run.

Aluminum Fence Pet Panel

Concave and Convex Fence Panels

Concave and Convex fence panels are available from the fence manufacturer Onguard. These two styles offer a more decorative look than standard fence panels. Both fence styles have pressed spear pickets above the top horizontal rail. Decorative finials are an option instead of using the pressed spears and will enhance the look of the fence. Concave and convex fence panels are commonly used on fence runs where trimming the fence panels is not necessary. Due to the arch and uneven height of the pickets, trimming down the fence panels to look uniform is slightly difficult. All Onguard residential fence panels come in six foot widths, so your fence run measurements should be divisible by 6 to avoid having to trim down the panels. Fence panels slot into pre-routed holes in the posts and almost touch in the middle. Contact us to help you plan your project.

Double Picket Fence Panels

Double picket aluminum fence panels offer security, privacy, and can be used as pet fence. Standard picket spacing on fence panels is 3 13/16 inches, while double picket panel spacing is 1 5/8 inches. This smaller spacing will keep your pets safe and other animals out of your yard. The spacing is small enough so a pet can’t stick their head between the pickets. Double picket fence panels can rack about 1-2 inches per six foot panel. Racking will allow the fence panel to go up or down a hill or slope. The size of the space punched into the horizontal rails around the pickets determines how much a panel can rack. Double picket or puppy picket fence panels can rack about half the amount of standard fence panels due to the smaller picket spacing. These fence panels at 54 inches tall or higher should make most local pool codes. Some fence styles have a flat top rail, and others have spear top pickets above the top rail.

Grades of Aluminum Fence

Residential Grade

Residential aluminum fence is commonly used around a home or a light commercial property. Residential panels can support 350 lbs of pressure on the top horizontal rail. These fence styles come in several heights and colors. Fence panels are generally 72 inches wide that can be trimmed down to fit any fence run. All fence styles on FenceTown are powder coated and can rack at an angle. Racking allows the fence to follow a slope or hill in your yard.

Mid Grade Fence

Mid grade aluminum fence is a little thicker and larger looking than residential grade. Delard Aero grade fence is considered mid grade and Estate Fence. Delgard fence panels have oval shaped pickets and posts with rounded edges for a clean smooth look. Aero grade fence can only ship to a business address with a loading dock at this time.

Commercial Grade

Commercial grade aluminum fence is used when you would like a larger and stronger fence panel. These fence panels are commonly used for high traffic areas such as a community pool or main areas in a subdivision. Commercial grade fence is also used around a home for a larger looking appearance.

Industrial Grade

Industrial grade fence is commonly used for high traffic areas such as parking lots, hospitals, building security, and large businesses. Industrial grade fence is the strongest type of aluminum fence and ships direct to your job site or business address.

FenceTown fence panels, posts, and gates, ship direct to your home or business. Let us help you – send a basic line drawing like the example on our Free Quote page and we will send you a detailed quote of materials. You can also call or email us with any questions you have about our aluminum fence. View our photo gallery to see installed photos of fence purchased at  FenceTown from customers and fence brands.

Aluminum Fence Colors

All FenceTown brands powder coat their aluminum fence panels, gates, and posts. The finish is between shiny and matte which looks great around a home or pool. The powder coating keeps your aluminum fence maintenance free.

Black Aluminum Fence

Black fence is our most popular selling color. All of the aluminum fence brands on FenceTown carry black aluminum fence panels that come in 7 different heights. Black powder coated fence has shorter production times compared to other colors due to it’s popularity and the manufacturers keeping some fence styles in stock. Black fence looks great around any home or business. The powder coating will keep the fence looking great for years.

Bronze Aluminum Fence

Bronze fence panels are the second most popular color ordered on FenceTown. Bronze colors vary slightly by fence manufacturer and can range from a shade of brown to a darker brown. Jerith bronze fence has a rougher finish that is not as smooth as the other fence brands, which Jerith says is to help bond to the aluminum better. Bronze fence panels and gates take about three weeks in production and ship direct to your home or business.

White Aluminum Fence

White fence panels are often used around swimming pools or to match lighter colored buildings. All of the fence brands on FenceTown carry white fence panels that come in 7 different heights. White aluminum fence is a great way to accent a swimming pool and the powder coating makes the fence maintenance free. Community pools often purchase white fence panels in commercial grade for heavy traffic areas.

Choosing an Aluminum Fence

Choosing an aluminum fence over other forms of fence is a good choice due to it’s maintenance free powder coating. When you hear the word “fence”, most people will quickly visualize the two most traditional styles of fence over the past 50 years – wood and chain link. Other than wrought iron fence, which is usually manufactured locally due to its weight and the difficulty of installation – a cost prohibitive alternative for many consumers, these two fence styles are the most common. The main reasons for this were price, lack of consumer product options, and the familiarity of fence companies to install wood and chain link quickly and at low labor costs.

Over the past several years, two modern styles of fence have quickly gained popularity in the consumer market. Aluminum fence – the maintenance free lightweight product with the look of wrought iron, and Vinyl fence, often referred to as PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). The two main reasons for their popularity are their maintenance free aspects and the ease of installation. Although chain link fence and wood fence still are usually less expensive per lineal foot, when you factor in the cost of installation and the labor it takes to stain or paint a fence every few years only to ultimately replace it again, it’s easy to see why consumers have been seeking a low cost alternative.

The primary reasons consumers purchase a fence are new home construction, replacing an existing fence that has seen better days, or they have recently installed a swimming pool. The traditional way to purchase a fence is to open the phone book, call several local companies to come out and provide a quote, and then probably choose the low bidder. After several hours of your time, you will probably receive a quote that does not break down cost of product versus cost of labor. If you do receive a line item quote, it’s probable the fence company will mark up the cost of material up to or above 50% to cover their overhead. What other choice did a consumer have?

FenceTown Price MatchToday, there’s a fast, easy, and efficient way to purchase fence from FenceTown. Here are some advantages to shopping with us online:

Shop when you want anytime day or night. There’s no more reason to take off work or waste a Saturday waiting for someone to come to your home in order to receive a quote. Just send us a basic line drawing, and we will figure out everything you need.

View many styles, types, and brands of  aluminum fence, not just the high priced, flimsy products that many fence companies offer. View our Residential Aluminum Fence page to see the many styles of fence FenceTown offers.

Receive answers to your fence questions quickly with the method you choose to communicate – phone, e-mail, fax, etc.

Immediately determine the cost of the fence you’re interested in by putting your product in a shopping cart or receiving a Free Quote from our trained staff.

Aluminum fence has been gaining in popularity over the past 20 years, largely due in part to the increase of swimming pools installed by homeowners. Since most local communities require a fence around a swimming pool for safety reasons, aluminum fence appeals to many consumers because of it’s open picket style, has the beauty of wrought iron, is maintenance free, and can be installed quickly by a homeowner eliminating installation costs. Here are some additional reasons aluminum fence is the fastest growing option in the fence industry:

Aluminum Fence Benefits

Aluminum fence is powder coated or finished with a baked enamel coating. It will not warp or fall apart, as many wood and chain link fences do over time. Aluminum fence resists the weathering factors of extreme heat and cold and is virtually maintenance free.

  • Never rusts or rots. A good aluminum fence manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty against cracking and peeling.
  • Is not treated with chemicals that could hurt the environment or cause health concerns.
  • Lightweight and easy to cut or miter. A hacksaw or miter saw can be used to make any installation adjustments.
  • Usually ships as an assembled panel. All the homeowner is required to do is set the post and then insert the entire fence panel into the post. Orders under 6 panels ship unassembled to avoid damage and keep shipping costs low.

When shopping for a fence on the internet, here are several things to look for to determine a reputable online retailer:

Selection. Does the website offer only one style or manufacturer? It’s best to have a choice of several vendors. Fence manufacturers offer a variety of styles and options based on your fence needs. A good online retailer will have several vendors so they can offer the consumer the best fit for their specific application.

Price: Does the website immediately show the price of the product it advertises, or do they require you to give them information first? A reputable website will have prices listed and preferably without having to use numerous confusing drop down menus. Material prices should be immediately visible without putting information in a cart or providing contact information.

Contact information: Is there a phone number prominently displayed? A toll-free number advertised on the website shows an online retailer takes customer service seriously and prefers to have contact with their customers, not just sell a product.

Response: Is your phone call answered live during business hours? Are your e-mails answered within a reasonable amount of time, same day or next day? If you request a quote, do you receive a response within one business day or less?

Quote Assistance: Is there an easy and quick way to forward your information to receive a quote? The simplest and most accurate method is still an old-fashioned line drawing with the linear footage included for each fence run. Our fence experts can quickly put together an accurate list of materials for your project and immediately visualize your project to eliminate errors. Online fence calculators are usually time consuming and frustrating for the consumer, and can only give you ballpark costs. Why not let the fence experts do the work for you?

FenceTown is able to pass on savings to our customers due to the large volume of orders we send to our suppliers. Discount codes can be found at the top each brand page and can be used during checkout. Fence orders ship direct to your home or business between 1 to 3 weeks depending on the brand and size of order. For more information on our products you can visit our fence suppliers Specrail FenceJerith Fence, and Onguard Fence.

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