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Choosing an Aluminum Fence

When you hear the word “fence”, most people will quickly visualize the two most traditional styles of fence over the past 50 years; wood and chain link. Other than wrought iron fence, which is usually manufactured locally due to its weight and the difficulty of installation- a cost prohibitive alternative for many consumers, these two fence styles are the most common. The main reasons for this were price, lack of consumer product options, and the familiarity of fence companies to install wood and chain link quickly and at low labor costs.

Over the past several years, two modern styles of fence have quickly gained popularity in the consumer market. Aluminum fence - the maintenance free lightweight product with the look of wrought iron, and Vinyl fence, often referred to as PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). The two main reasons for their popularity are their maintenance free aspects and the ease of installation. Although chain link fence and wood fence still are usually less expensive per lineal foot, when you factor in the cost of installation and the labor it takes to stain or paint a fence every few years only to ultimately replace it again, it’s easy to see why consumers have been seeking a low cost alternative.

The primary reasons consumers purchase a fence are new home construction, replacing an existing fence that has seen better days, or they have recently installed a swimming pool.  The traditional way to purchase a fence is to open the phone book, call several local companies to come out and provide a quote, and then probably choose the low bidder. After several hours of your time, you will probably receive a quote that does not break down cost of product versus cost of labor. If you do receive a line item quote, it’s probable the fence company will mark up the cost of material up to or above 50% to cover their overhead.  What other choice did a consumer have?

Today, there’s a fast, easy, and efficient way to purchase fence from FenceTown. Here are some advantages to shopping with us online:

  • Shop when you want anytime day or night. There’s no more reason to take off work or waste a Saturday waiting for someone to come to your home in order to receive a quote.

  • View many styles and types of fence, not just the “high priced, low labor cost” products that many fence companies offer.  

  • Receive answers to your fence questions quickly with the method you choose to communicate- phone, e-mail, fax, etc.

  • Immediately determine the cost of the fence you’re interested in by putting your product in a “shopping cart” or  receiving a free quote from our trained staff

Aluminum fence has been gaining in popularity over the past 20 years, largely due in part to the increase of swimming pools installed by homeowners. Since most local communities require a fence around a swimming pool for safety reasons, aluminum fence appeals to many consumers because of it’s open picket style, has the beauty of wrought iron, is maintenance free, and can be installed quickly by a homeowner- eliminating installation costs. Here are some additional reasons aluminum fence is the fastest growing option in the fence industry:

  • Aluminum fence is powder coated or finished with a baked enamel coating. It will not warp or fall apart, as many wood and chain link fences do over time. Aluminum fence resists the weathering factors of extreme heat and cold and is virtually maintenance free.

  • Aluminum fence never rusts or rots. A good aluminum fence manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling, and fading. 

  • Aluminum fence is not treated with chemicals that could hurt the environment or cause health concerns.

  • Aluminum fence is lightweight and easy to cut or miter. A hacksaw or miter saw can be used to make any installation adjustments.

  • Aluminum fence is usually shipped as an assembled panel. All the homeowner is required to do is set the post and then insert the entire aluminum fence panel into the post.

When shopping for a fence on the Internet, here are several things to look for to determine a reputable online retailer:

  • Selection. Does the website offer only one style or manufacturer? It’s best to have a choice of several vendors. Fence manufacturers offer a variety of styles and options based on your fence needs. A good online retailer will offer several vendors so they can offer the consumer the best fit for their specific application.

  • Price. Does the website immediately show the price of the product it advertises, or do they require you to give them information first? A reputable website will have prices listed and preferably without having to use several confusing drop down menus. An aluminum fence panel price should be immediately visible without putting information in a cart or providing contact information.

  • Contact information. Is there a phone number prominently displayed? A toll-free number advertised on the website shows an online retailer takes customer service seriously and prefers to have contact with their customers, not just sell a product.
  • Response. Is your phone call answered live during business hours? Are your e-mails answered within a reasonable amount of time, same day or next day? If you request a quote, do you receive a response within one business day or less?

  • Quote Assistance. Is there an easy and quick way to forward your information to receive a quote? The simplest and most accurate method is still an old-fashioned line drawing with the linear footage included for each “run” of fence. Our fence experts can quickly put together an accurate bill of material for your project and immediately visualize your project to eliminate errors. Online “fence” calculators are usually time consuming and frustrating for the consumer. Why not let the fence experts do the work for you?

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