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Versa Latch

Delgard was purchaed by Jerith and this latch is no longer available.

This information is on our website to help our previous delgard customers.





The Versa-Latch is designed to fit gate frames of either 1.5" or 2.5" wide. The latch is designed for use as a latch/lock on Delgard gates. This latch is not recommended for child safety gates; use Magna-Latch magnetic safety gate latches for these applications, and consult the appropriate local authorities regarding any local fence/barrier code regulations and requirements.
Tools: Electric or cordless drill (for self-drilling screws only), Phillips No. 2 screwdriver (for self-tapping screws).
  Fig 3 (click for larger image )
Installation Steps  - see Fig 3
  1. Note: The gap between the Fence Post and the Gate Frame must be between 3/8" and 1". Determine the desired location of the latch (i.e. Latch Body) on the Gate Frame.
  2. Using four of the 1"x10g wafer-head, self-drilling screws supplied ["A"], fix the Latch Body onto the Gate Frame (see Figure 3.)
  3. The key-slots on both sides of the latch need to be positioned horizontally (i.e. parallel with the top of the gate). If they are not horizontal, insert the keys to align them, then remove the keys.
  4. Place the Latch Cover directly and accurately over the Latch Body, ensuring that the "Lock Tail" bar (see Figure 2) is inserted horizontally into the corresponding slot within the molded rotor. IMPORTANT: For the following steps, use only the hand screwdriver to secure screws! Take the two longest self-tapping screws supplied ["B"] and secure the Latch Cover onto the Latch Body. Then take the smallest self-tapping screw ["C"] and secure it.
  5. Take the Keeper and align it on the post so that it is centered on the Latch (Figure 1), as show by the dashed line. Holding the Keeper in position, take the three remaining 1"x10g wafer-head, self-drilling screws and fix it to the gate post. For best results, mount all these screws in the center of the adjustment slots.
  6. Using the hand screwdriver, insert it into the Adjustment Screw (obscured) between the Keeper and its mounting bracket. Adjust the screw horizontally, as required, so that the gate closes and latches smoothly. Note that the minimum gap between Keeper and Latch is desirable. The Keeper should be adjusted so that the maximum gap is no greater than 3/8".

Open and close the gate to check that the latch operates correctly. Adjust the Keeper as necessary at any time to ensure safe operation of the latch. NOTE: Future vertical adjustment of the Keeper can be achieved by loosening the Keeper screws, sliding the Keeper up or down the post to obtain correct operational alignment, then re-tightening the screws. Re-adjust the Keeper so that the gap is never larger than 3/8".

Remove keys from locks after use. Do not lubricate this latch with petroleum-based lubricants at any time. Use only powdered graphite. Ensure all screws are tightened firmly and that the Latch Body and/or Access Kit is kept free of dirt, sand and other debris which could impair reliable performance.


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