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Fencetown offers Black Vinyl as a way to enjoy the beauty of ornamental iron and the maintenance-free benefits of vinyl. The deep rich black color is guaranteed to appear brand new year after year. Built for a lifetime of strength, black vinyl won't fade, rot, shrink, decompose, rust or even show scratches. Never paint again! Call us toll free at 1 888 FENCETOWN. We are very proud of our great customer service, fast shipping and manufacturer-direct prices!

We are very proud of our great customer service, free and fast shipping, and manufacturer-direct prices! Unsure about sizes or styles? Our trained fence planners are committed to helping you with ALL of your fencing needs. Call us toll free for help or a quote within 24 hours at 1-888-FENCETOWN (1-888-336-2386) or fax us a sketch at 888-813-3623 and we will call you back the same day with options and suggestions.

  • Click on the desired fence height below.
  • The styles that are available will appear.
  • Find the style of Fence you are interested in and click on the image.
  • Choose the desired color.
  • Put your fence section in a cart. Related items will appear below.
  • Place your order online or Click Here to fill out our request form to receive a detailed quote for your project.
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Blackline 60BSL-43-6 - BSL-43-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 60H x 72W
Blackline 72BSL46-6 - BSL-46-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 72H x 72W
Blackline BSL-40 - BSL-40 Black Vinyl Fence 48H x 72W
Blackline 48BSL-72-6 - BSL-72-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 48H x 72W
Blackline 48BSL-72-8 - BSL-72-8 Vinyl Fence Kit 48H x 96W
Blackline 60BSL-74-6 - BSL-74-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 60H x 72W
Blackline 60BSL-74-8 - BSL-74-8 Vinyl Fence Kit 60H x 96W
Blackline 72BSL-78-8 - BSL-78-8 Vinyl Fence Kit 72H x 96W
Blackline BSL78-6 - BSL78-6 Black Vinyl Fence 72H x 72W
Blackline 48BSL-31-6 - BSL-31-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 48H x 72W
Blackline 60BSL-33-6 - BSL-33-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 60H x 72W
Blackline 72BSL-36-6 - BSL-36-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 72H x 72W
Blackline 48BSL80-6 - BSL-80-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 48H x 72W
Blackline 48BSL-80-8 - BSL-80-8 Vinyl Fence Kit 48H x 96W
Blackline 48BSL-83-6 - BSL-83-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 48H x 72W
Blackline 48BSL-83-8 - BSL-83-8 Vinyl Fence Kit 48H x 96W
Blackline 48BSL10-6 - BSL-10 Black Vinyl Fence Section 48H x 72W
Blackline 36BSL-130-1-6 - BSL-130-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 36H x 72W
Blackline 36BSL-130-1-8 - BSL-130-8 Vinyl Fence Kit 36H x 96W
Blackline 48BSL-102-1-6 - BSL-102-1-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 48H x 72W
Blackline 48BSL-70-6 - BSL-70-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 48H x 72W
Blackline 52BSL-131-1-6 - BSL-131-1-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 52H x 72W
Blackline 52BSL-131-1-8 - BSL-131-1-8 Vinyl Fence Kit 52H x 96W
Blackline 59BSL132-1-6 - BSL-132-1-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 59H x 72W
Blackline 59BSL-132-1-8 - BSL-132-1-8 Vinyl Fence Section 59H x 96W
Blackline 60BSL-73-6 - BSL-73-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 60H x 72W
Blackline 72BSL-75-6 - BSL-75-6 Vinyl Fence Kit 72H x 72W

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